Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are about to enter a private collection that consists of five sections: Pictures (mostly prints in various forms, some drawings, paintings, and collages), Objects (decorative art), Books (that’s simply a library), Records (recorded film and music), and Family (the Varshavsky family archive). Please feel free to explore everything you find on the walls and bookshelves, as well as in the drawers and coffers. We encourage you to ask questions and leave comments, especially if you find an error or an omission in an item’s description or attribution. In the physical collection, the items will come and go but they will stay in this virtual space relatively forever. The idea behind this website is to make some unique or rare creations of art available for public view and research.

Please be quiet and do not disturb the inhabitants — it’s a living residence.

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Shingen Tsuba

After reading various sources describing the origins, types and forms [...]