////Ko-Kinko Tsuba. Yearly Muromachi period (ca. 1350).

Ko-Kinko Tsuba. Yearly Muromachi period (ca. 1350).

Ko-Kinko (possibly early Mino School) tsuba.  Size 68 x 61 mm. Fox and waves motif. Classic old twuba from Muromachi period, made of yamagane. Mokko-gata shape, the tsuba is constructed in sanmai awase (three layers sandwiched together and held by both the furukin (rim) as well as pins peened into the seppa-dai. Some connoisseurs believe that this kind of tsuba was in mass production at the time. Small animal believed to be a fox, however some attribute it to a long-tailed rabbit or a squirrel.

Similar example is found at Important Japanese kodogu, gaiso and works of art. San Francisco, April 9-11, 1982. Robert E. Haynes, Ltd. on page 11, № 15: Rare design and style of sanmai wasei work. With yamagane core and heavy rim cover. The web plates are carved with double head Goto style waves and the face has a fox (probably a menuki) center right side. Ca. 1350. Ht. 6.6. cm., Th. 3 mm.”


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