//Full calf
  • Title: ACADEMIE | DES | SCIENCES | ET DES | ARTS, | Contenant les Vies & les Eloges Historiques des | Hommes Illustres, | Qui ont excellé en ces Professions depuis environ quatre Siécles | parmy diverses Nations de l’Europe : |Avec leurs Pourtraits tirez sur des Originaux au Naturel, & plusieurs Inscriptions | funebres, exactement recueïlies de leurs Tombeaux | Par Isaac Bullart , Chevalier de l’Ordre de Saint Michel. | TOME PREMIER | {allegorical vignette, signed Abr. A Diepenbeke delineavit – Pet. Clouwet sculp.} | Imprimé par les soins de l’Autheur. | A AMSTERDAM, | Se vendent chez les Heritiers de Daniel Elzevier, 1682. || Pagination : [2] – h.t. / blank ; [2] – 1st vol. t.p. in black and red with vignette engraved by Pet. Clouwet after Abr. Diepenbeke / blank; [7] – dedication to Jacques Theodore de Brias {Jacques-Théodore de Bryas (Dutch, 1630 – 1694)}, [9] – preface, [2] – table demonstrative / stanza by Guilielmus Riverius, [2] vinette “Tardius sed grandius” with an elephant in ornamental frame / text; [2] – Advis au lecteur; [1, 2] – f.t. livre premiere, illustres politiques / blank; [2] – noms politiques / blank (A1, after f.t.), 3(A2)-421, [422-424] – table eloges. Collation: [*]6, **8, A6 B-Ggg4. (14 prelim. leaves, as in LIB-2675.2021; the LIB-2676.2021 copy has 12) Binding: 34.5 x 22 x 4.3 cm.34.5 x 22 x 4.3 cm, hardbound; full calf, raised bands. The title is drawn by Abraham van Diepenbeeck (Dutch, 1596 - 1675) and engraved by Peeter Clouwet (Flemish, 1629–1670). The first volume of a two-volume set contains 119 copperplate burin-engraved portraits of selected politicians, historians, jurists, writers, and Italian artists.  26 portraits engraved by Esme de Boulonois (French,1645 – 1681), 3 unsigned, and the rest engraved by Nicolas de Larmessin I (French, 1632 – 1694)Lavinia Vecellio, (Italian, 1530 – 1575), Titian' daughter, engraved by Lamerssin after Titian, Portrait of Jacques Auguste de Thou engraved by de Boulonois after Daniel Dumonstier. Politicians: Antoine Perrenot, Cardinal de Granvelle; Arnaud d'Ossat, Cardinal; Auger Busbeque; Bessarion, Cardinal; François Ximenes, Cardinal; George d'Amboise, Cardinal; Gille Albornoz, Cardinal; Guillaume de Croy; Guy du Faur de Pybrac; Jacques Auguste de Thou; Jean de Selve; Jean Zamoski; Jean de Barnevelt; Jean Armand du Plessis, Cardinal de Richelieu; Jule Mazarin, Cardinal; Michel de l'Hospital; Renaud Pole, Cardinal; Stanislas Hosius, Cardinal; Thomas Morus; Thomas Wolsey, Cardinal. Historians: Bertrand d'Argentré; Cæsar Baronius, Cardinal; Emanuel de Meteren; Enguerand de Monstrelet; Florimond de Remond; François Guicciardin; Fulve Ursin; Guillaume Camden; Henry Catherine d'Avila; Hubert Goltzius; Jacques Amiot; Jean Aventin; Jean Baptiste Platina; Jean Barclay; Jean Froissard; Jean Papirius Masson; Nicolas le Febure; Olivier de la Marche; Onuphre Panuinius; Pandolphe Collenuce; Paul Jove; Philippe de Commines; Pontus Heuterus; Regino Abbé de Prumy; Robert Gaguin; Wolfgang Lazius. Jurists: Alexandre de Tartagnis; André Alciat; André Tiraqueau; Antoine Augustin; Antoine le Febvre; Boece Epo; Charles du Moulin; François Bauduin; Gabriel Mudée; Jacques Cuias; Jason Mainus; Jean Wamese; Mathieu Wesenbec; Philippe Dece; Pierre Peckius; Pierre Pithou; Tibere Decian; Viglius de Zuichem. Writers/Linguists: Ange Politian; Demetrius Chalcondyles; Emanuel Chrysoloras; François PhilelpheFrançois Raphelenge; Guillaume Postel; Jean Argyropilus; Jean Bocace; Jean Lascaris; Jean Passerat; Jean Pierius Valerianus; Jeanne Gray; Nicolas Clenard; Pierre Nannius; Rudolphe Agricola; Theodore Gaza. Italian painters, architects, and sculptors: André Mantegna; André Organa; André del Sarto; André Tafi; André Verrochio; Antoine de Correge; Antoine de Messine; Arnoud di Lappo; Baccio Bandinel; Balthazar Perusi; Bramante d'Urbin; Daniel Ricciarelli; Dominique Beccafumi; Donato; François MazzuoliFrançois Primatici; Frere Philippe Lippi; Giorgion; Giotto; Jacques Barozzi de Vignole; Jean Antoine Licinio de Pordenone; Jean Cimabue; Jean d'Udine; Jean François Rustici; Jule Romain; Le Rosso; Leonard de Vinci; Masaccio; Michel-Ange Buonarotti; Perin del Vaga; Philippe Bruneleschi; Philippe Lippi; Polidore de Caravage; Propertia de Rossi; Raphael Sanzio d'Urbin; Sandro Boticelli; Simon Memmi; Taddée Gaddi; Titian Uccello.  
  • Hardcover volume, 8vo, 24.3 x 16.5 cm, bound in contemporary full marbled calf, spine with raised bands, gilt floral tools in compartments, gilt title lettering, marbled end-papers and all edges, printed on laid paper 23.9 x 5.5 cm with a watermark, entirely engraved (frontispiece, title, nine plates, and text), gatherings not indicated. Title-page (engraved, vignette, tall 's') LE | TEMPLE | DE | GNIDE | Nouvelle Edition, | Avec Figures | Gravées par N. LE MIRE, | des Acad. De Vienne en Autriche et de Rouen, | D’apres les Dessins de Ch. Eisen. | Le Texte Gravé par Droüet. | — | {3 lines quotation from Gallien} | A PARIS | Chez le Mire Graveur | Rue St. Etienne des Gres. | AVEC PRIVELEGE DU ROI. | 1772. || Frontispiece (engraved, vignette): Portrait medallion inscribed "CHARLES SECONDAT DE MONTESQUIEU — N. Le Mire del et sc", signed beneath "N. le Mire sculp 1771"; under the plate: "Dessiné par Ch. Eisen, et Gravé par N. le Mire." Pagination: frontispiece, t.p. / explication, dedication, [i] ii-vii [viii blank] 1-104 [105-6 blanks]; engraved throughout, plus 9 plates by Le Mire after Eisen.
    Catalogue Raisonné: Cohen-de Ricci 726-27; Ray, French Illustrated Book, №32/p. 61-2.
    Ref.: MFA (Boston): Accession Number 37.1726.
    Charles Eisen (French, 1720 – 1778) – artist. Noël Le Mire (French, 1724 – 1801) – engraver, publisher. Droüet (French, 18th century) – text engraver. Charles Louis de Secondat, Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu (French, 1689 – 1755) – author.
  • Title: TALES | OF | Humour, Gallantry, & Romance, | SELECTED AND TRANSLATED | FROM THE ITALIAN. | Vignette "The Elopement, p. 183" | With sixteen illustrative Drawings by George Cruikshank. | — | LONDON : | PRINTED FOR CHARLES BALDWYN, | NEWGATE STREET. | MDCCCXXVII. Pagination: [2], [v]-vi [2] – Contents (Cohn's collation calls for this at the end) 3-253, [1]; title-page a cancel with vignette 'The Elopment', sixteen other plates by Cruikshank; as per HathiTrust: vi, 253, [3] p. (last p. blank), [16] leaves of plates: ill. Binding: 8vo, 20 x 13 cm, later polished calf, gilt, t.e.g. others untrimmed, by Rivière for H. Sotheran. Note: 1st edition, very rare 3rd issue, with a cancel title-page replacing that of 1824 issue when there were two issues and the work was entitled Italian Tales. Cohn notes the rarity of the 1827 edition, which restores one of the plates 'The Dead Rider', suppressed in the second issue, and also includes the plate done to replace it. "The rarest edition of this work is that published in 1827 in green paper boards [...]. This issue has no edition stated on the title. It has seventeen woodcuts, inclusive of the "Elopement" vignette upon the title. The suppressed plate "The Dear Rider" is restored, and the plate done to replace it is also included. The woodcut in other editions upon the title page is "The Pomegranate Seed". Probably compiled and translated by Thomas Roscoe (cf. National union catalog) from a variety of authors 'out of materials not generally accessible', but also ascribed to J. Y. Akerman and to one "Southern". Two or three tales that furnished plots for Shakespeare. Catalogue Raisonné: Cohn 444; this issue not found in OCLC or COPAC.
  • Vol. 1. PART I. | THE ANTICHRISTIAN CONSPIRACY. || Title page: MEMOIRS, | Illustrating the | HISTORY of JACOBINISM, | Written in French by | THE ABBÉ BARRUEL, | And translated into English by | THE HON. ROBERT CLIFFORD, F. R. S. & A. S. | — | Princes and Nations shall disappear from the face of the Earth… and this | REVOLUTION shall be the WORK OF SECRET SOCIETIES. | Weishaupt’s Discourse for the Mysteries. | — | PART I. | THE ANTICHRISTIAN CONSPIRACY. | Second Edition, revised and corrected. | LONDON: | Printed for the Translator, | By T. Burton, No. 11 Gate-street, Lincoln’s-Inn Fields. | Sold by E. Booker, No. 56, New Bond-street. | 1798. || Pagination: [2] – t.p. / imprint, [2] – contents / contents, [i] ii-xvi, [1] 2-401 [402 blank]. Collation : 2 blank leaves, π2 b8, B-Z8 Aa-Bb8 Cc9, 2 blank leaves. Vol. 2: Same as Vol. 1, but: PART II. THE ANTIMONARCHICAL CONSPIRACY. || Pagination: [2] – t.p. / imprint, [2] – contents / contents, [1] 2-479 [480 blank]. Collation: 2 blank leaves, π2 B-Z8 Aa-Gg8 Hh3, 2 blank leaves. Vol. 3.: Same as Vol. 1, but: PART III. THE ANTISOCIAL CONSPIRACY. || Pagination: [i,ii] – t.p. / imprint, [iii] iv-xviii, [1] 2-414; one plate. Collation : 2 blank leaves, π1 A-Z8 Aa-Cc8 D7. Vol. 4: PART IV. ANTISOCIAL CONSPIRACY; HISTORICAL PART. || Pagination: [i,ii] – t.p. / imprint, iii-xviii, [1] 2-601 [602 blank], [1] 2-50; one folding plate. Collation: 2 blank leaves, a8 B-Z8 Aa-Pp8 Qq5, a-c8 d1. Binding: All four volumes uniformly bound in full polished calf, gilt roll-and-rule border, black and green labels with gilt lettering, gilt filigree to spine; marbled endpapers and all edges; printed on wove paper, with long “s”. The original French title: Mémoires pour servir à l'​histoire du Jacobinisme par M. l'abbé Barruel. Author: Augustin Barruel (French, 1741 – 1820). Translator: The Honourable Robert Edward Clifford (British, 1767 – 1817). LIB-2195-1.2019; LIB-2195-2.2019; LIB-2195-3.2019; LIB-2195-4.2019.
  • Vol. 1: THE | POEMS | OF | OSSIAN. | TRANSLATED | By JAMES MACPHERSON, Esq; | IN TWO VOLUMES. VOL. I. | A NEW EDITION. | LONDON: | PRINTED FOR W. STRAHAN ; AND T. CADELL, | IN THE STRAND. | MDCCLXXXIV.|| Vol. 2:THE | POEMS | OF | OSSIAN. | TRANSLATED | By JAMES MACPHERSON, Esq; |  VOL. II. | A NEW EDITION. | LONDON: | PRINTED FOR W. STRAHAN ; AND T. CADELL, | IN THE STRAND. | MDCCLXXXV.|| Vol.1: [i-v] vi-xiii, [2] 3-404 pp; vol.2: [6], [2] 3-435 pp. Two volumes, 22.5 x 14.7 cm; hardcover; full calf with the spines later professionally rebound; original boards with sympathetic repairs to the margins and corners.5 raised bands, red label with gilt lettering to Sp. Bindings remain firm, page blocks firm, boards stained, pages a little rippled, with occasional marks throughout. spotting and marks to endpapers. James Macpherson (British, 1736–1796) was a Scottish writer, poet, literary collector and politician, known as the "translator" of the Ossian cycle of epic poems. Publishing Year: 1784 Publisher: W. Strahan and T. Cadell
  • 3-volume set, 1st edition, with original wrappers. Vol. 1: Half-title: THE | INGLODSBY LEGENDS. Title (in black and red, emblematic, engraved): THE | Ingoldsby Legends | OR | MIRTH AND MARVELS | by | THOMAS INGOLDSBY | ESQUIRE | In frame: | LONDON. | RICHARD BENTLEY. | MDCCCXL. | Under the frame: J. S. GWILT. | INV. Pagination: ffl, [2] – blanks, [i, ii] – h.t./ colophon, [2] – t.p. / verso blank, [iii] iv-v [vi] – blank, contents / list of ill., blank / etching,  [1] 2-338 [339], [7] incl. orig. covers and spine bound in, bfl; 6 plates: 1 by Buss, 3 by Leech, 2 by Cruikshank. Vol. 2: Half-title: THE | INGLODSBY LEGENDS. |—| SECOND SERIES.|| Title (in black and red, emblematic, engraved): THE | Ingoldsby Legends | OR | MIRTH AND MARVELS | by | THOMAS INGOLDSBY | ESQUIRE | SECOND SERIES | In frame: | LONDON | RICHARD BENTLEY. | MDCCCXLII. | Under the frame: G. COOK SCULPo|| Pagination: ffl, [2] – blanks, [i, ii] – h.t. / colophon, [iii, iv] – t.p. / verso blank, [v] vi-vii [viii ] – blank, contents / blank, blank / etching, [1] 2-288 [6], incl. orig. covers and spine bound in, bfl; 7 plates: 3 by Leech, 4 by Cruikshank. Vol. 3: Half-title: THE | INGLODSBY LEGENDS. |—| THIRD SERIES.|| Title (in black and red, emblematic, engraved): THE | Ingoldsby Legends | OR | MIRTH AND MARVELS | by | THOMAS INGOLDSBY | ESQUIRE | THIRD SERIES | In frame: | LONDON | RICHARD BENTLEY. | MDCCCXLVII. | Under the frame: COOK || Pagination: ffl, [2] – blanks] [i, ii] – h.t. / colophon, [2] – t.p. / verso blank], [iii] iv-vi – contents / list of ill., blank / portrait, [1] 2-364 [6], incl. orig. covers and spine bound in, bfl; 6 plates: 2 portraits, 2 by Leech, 2 by Cruikshank. Binding: 3 volumes, 8vo, 20.5 x 13.5 cm, hardcover, full carmine morocco, triple ruled in gilt, top edge gilt, slightly raised bands, gilt lettering and double fillet gilt panels to spine by T. W. Morrell & Co. (London) for Brentano's bookstore in New York. 6, 7, and 6 (19 total) plates inset. The original brown figured cloth covers and spines preserved at the end of each volume. Catalogue raisonné: Albert M. Cohn, 1924: №50, p.20. Contrary to A. Cohn's description, the first etching in the first series is signed “Dalton del.” bottom left and “Buss sculp.” bottom right. It has been suggested that the name Dalton might refer to Richard Harris Dalton Barham (British, 1815-1886). Robert William Buss (1804 – 1875). Portrait (v.3, p.1): John William Cook (fl.1819 - 1862) after Richard James Lane (British, 1800 – 1872). Portrait (v.3, p.127): Henry Griffiths after Dalton. Seller's description: First editions, mixed states, in full crimson levant morocco by Morrel for Brentanos, New York. Vol.1, p. 236 is NOT blank, but unpaginated; Vol. 2 does NOT have a list of ill's on verso of contents; Vol. 3, p. 351 'to pot' NOT run together. Cloth spine and front cover bound in the back of each volume, all volumes have half-titles, with engraved titles and 19 plates by Cruikshank, Leech, et al. Conforms in the main to Sadlier 156b, 156e, and 156f.
  • Title: BIBLIOMANIA; | OR | Book Madness: | A BIBLIOGRAPHICAL ROMANCE, | IN SIX PARTS. | Illustrated with Cuts. | BY THE REV. | THOMAS FROGNALL DIBDIN. | {vignette} | INTERIOR OF THE BODLEIAN LIBRARY | I pity all our great ones and rich men that know not this happiness. HEINSIUS. | LONDON: PRINTED FOR THE AUTHOR, | By J. McCreery, Blackhorse-court, Fleet-street; | AND SOLD BY MESSRS. LONGMAN, HURST, REES, ORME, | AND BROWN, PATERNOSTER-ROW. | 1811.|| Pagination: ffl, [i, ii] - ht, frontis., [iii, iv] - t.p., blank, [v]vi-ix - to the reader, [x] - blank, [2] - contents, [1, 2] - part 1 fl. t.p., blank, [3] - woodcut frame and capital I, 4-782 (imprint to p. 782) [2] - errata, blank, bfl; 1 plate op. p. 158. Collation: [A]6 B-Z8 2A-2Z8, 3A-3B8, 3C-3F4. Binding: 8vo, 23 x 14 cm, modern full dark brown calf by Period Binders (Bath, England), gilt fillet border to boards, raised bands with gilt ornaments and lettering to spine, pp. 685-688 an open tear in upper 1/8 of lateral margin, all margins marbled. Substantially revised 1st edition ("so much altered and enlarged, as to assume the character of a new work"). Author: Thomas Frognall Dibdin (British, 1776 – 1847).
  • [François Marie Arouet de Voltaire]. La Pucelle d'Orléans, poëme, divisé en vingt chants, avec des notes. Nouvelle édition, corrigée, augmentée & collationnée sur le manuscript de l'auteur. – [Geneva: Gabriel Cramer], 1762. Half-title: LA PUCELLE. Title: LA | PUCELLE D'ORLÉANS, | POËME, | DIVISÉ EN VINGT CHANTS, | AVEC DES NOTES. | Nouvelle Edtition, corrigée, augumentée & colla- | tionnée sur le Manuscript de l'Auteur. | MDCCLXII || Pagination: [2] – blank leaf, [2] – h.t. / blank, [2] – t.p. / blank, [i] ii-viii, [1] 2-358 [2]– blank leaf; after p. 272 the following p. 277, collation and key words correct; 20 plates, one before every chant, by Gravelot, woodcut cul-de-lamps. Collation: 8vo; [π7] A-Y8 Z2 Binding: Hardcover; contemporary full mottled calf, re-backed, flat spine, ruled in gilt, remains of gilt lettering and decorations, marbled end-papers and all margins red. Catalogue raisonné: Cohen-de Ricci 1029: "Première édition avouée par l'auteur". Dimensions: book 20.2 x 12.5 cm; page 19.5 x 11.6 cm. Author: Voltair, François Marie Arouet de (French, 1694 – 1778). Printer: Gabriel Cramer (Swiss, 1723–1793). Artist: Gravelot, Hubert François (French, 1699 – 1773). Another copy in this collection: LIB-2504.2020.
  • A two-volume set. Vol. 1: LA | HENRIADE, | NOUVELLE ÉDITION | A PARIS | [medallion portrait of Voltaire] | Chez la Veuve Duchesne, Saillant, Desaint, | Panckoucke et Nyon, Libraires. || Pagination: [2] – engraved title with medallion portrait of Voltaire / blank, [i-iii] iv-xl, [1-3] 4-272, 10 plates and 10 vignettes after Eisen by de Longueil. Collation: 8vo; a-b8 c4, A-R8 Vol. 2: LA | HENRIADE, | NOUVELLE ÉDITION. | — | SECONDE PARTIE. |— | [Floral device] | A PARIS, | Chez la Veuve Duchesne, Saillant, Desaint, | Panckoucke et Nyon, Libraires. | — | M. DCC. LXX. Pagination: [1, 2] - t.p. / imprim., 3-316 [4 - table, imprint "De l'Imprimerie de Barbou."] Collation: A-V8. Binding: full brown calf, raised bands with the gilt floral tools in compartments, red and dark brown labels with gilt lettering: title, author, vol. number, and year; printed on laid paper. Wear, marks and rubbing, endpapers, corners and spine repaired/replaced; leaves are generally clean with the odd mark here or there. With frontispiece, 10 vignettes and 10 plates in vol. 1 as called for. Size: 19 x 12.5 cm each volume. Catalogue raisonné.: G. Ray, p. 59; Cohen-de Ricci p. 1026. LIB-2581-1.2020 and LIB-2581-2.2020.
    Illustrated by: Charles Eisen (French, 1720 – 1778) Engraved by: Joseph de Longueil (French, 1730 – 1792) Author: François Marie Arouet de Voltaire (French, 1694 – 1778) Publisher: Veuve Duchesne (Nicolas Bonaventure Duchesne died in 1765) Printer: Joseph Gérard Barbou (French, 1723 – 1790)
  • Title: Life in London ; | DAY AND NIGHT SCENES | OF | JERRY HAWTHORN, ESQ. | AND HIS ELEGANT FRIEND | CORINTHIAN TOM, | ACCOMPANIED BY | BOB LOGIC, THE OXONIAN, | IN THEIR |Rambles and Sprees through the Metropolis. | DEDICATED TO HIS MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY | KING GEORGE THE FOURTH. | BY PIERCE EGAN, | Author of Walks through Bath, Sporting Anecdotes, Picture of the Fancy, Boxiana, &c. | [Vignette] | EMBELLISHED WITH THIRTY-SIX SCENES FROM REAL LIFE, | DESIGNED AND ETCHED BY I. R. & G. CRUIKSHANK ; | And also enriched with numerous original Designs on Wood, by the same Artists, | London: | PRINTED FOR SHERWOOD, NEELY, AND JONES, | PATERNOSTER-ROW. | 1821. ||

    Edition: 1st edition, 1st issue: the first sheet of music is not numbered, absence of any footnote at page 9 (as per Cohn).

    Pagination: 3 binder's flyleaves with a specimen of George Cruikshank's signature of Nov. 5th, 1860 to the first one; hand-coloured aquatint frontispiece facing the title page with blank recto, [iii-iv] – t.p. with vignette/ blank, [v] vi-viii – dedication, ix-xii – contents, [xiii]-xvi – list of illustrations; [1] 2-376; 35 hand-coloured aquatints, 3 folding leaves of music; bound without half-title [missing pp. i, ii], advertisements or 'to the subscribers' leaf.

    Collation: 8vo; [A]7 B-Z8 Aa8-Bb4.

    Binding: Full polished calf gilt by Rivière & Son, covers with triple gilt border, spine in 6 compartments, brown morocco lettering pieces to second and third, others richly gilt, raised bands, all edges gilt; neatly re-backed preserving spine.

    Catalogue raisonné: Albert M. Cohn, 1924: № 262 p. 90; Abbey, J. R. (Life in England), 281; Tooley (Some English Books with Coloured Plates) 196; Prideaux (Aquatint Engraving) pp. 307, 310; Hardie (English coloured books) 197.

    Description of Shapero Rare Books, London: There was a translation into French. At least six plays were based on Egan's characters, contributing to yet more sales. One of these was exported to America, launching the Tom and Jerry craze there. The version created by William Thomas Moncrieff was praised as The Beggar's Opera of its day. Moncrieff's production of Tom and Jerry, or Life in London ran continuously at the Adelphi Theatre for two seasons and it was the dramatist's work as much as the author's that did so much to popularise the book's trademark use of fashionable slang. In 1821 Egan announced the publication of a regular journal: Life in London, appearing monthly at a shilling a time. It was to be illustrated by George Cruikshank (1792 – 1878), and was dedicated to the King, George IV, who at one time had received Egan at court. The first edition of Life in London appeared on 15 July 1821. Egan's creation was an instant success. Pirate versions appeared, featuring such figures as 'Bob Tallyho', 'Dick Wildfire' and the like. Printmakers speedily knocked off cuts featuring the various 'stars' and the real-life public flocked to the 'sporting' addresses that Egan had his heroes frequent.
  • Half title: LA PUCELLE | D’ORLEANS.|| Title: LA PUCELLE | D’ORLEANS , | POEME , | DIVISÉ EN VINGT-UN CHANTS , AVEC | LES NOTES DE M. DE MORZA. | Nouvelle édition, corrigée, augmentée d'un Chant | entier, & de plusieurs morceaux répandus dans | le corps de l'ouvrage, avec les Variantes que | l'on a jointes à la fin de chaque Chant. | [ornament] | A LONDRES. |—| M. DCC. LXXV. || Pagination : [4] – two blank unnumbered fly leaves, [i,ii] – h.t. / double-ruled blank leaf, [2] – blank / frontispiece on verso, [iii, iv] – t.p. ruled and bordered / double-ruled blank leaf, [v]vi-viii – table, ix-xv – preface, [xvi] – double-ruled blank leaf, [1]2-447 [448] – double-ruled blank leaf, [2] – two blank unnumbered fly leaves; page 14 misnumbered 18; title within ornamental border; text within double-ruled borders; head- and tail-pieces; 22 leaves of plates (frontis. + one before each chant.) Collation: 8vo; a8 A-Z8 Aa-Ee8 Binding: 19.9 x 13.2 cm; full contemporary brown calf, blind ruled plates, spine with raised bands, gilt-ruled and tooled in compartments, red label with gilt lettering, all edges red; plate for chant 6, H4, H5 - separated from the block. De Morza is Voltaire (Cf. Quérard, v. 10, p. 306). Engravings unsigned; attributed to Desrais, Claude-Louis (French, 1746 – 1816). False imprint; possibly printed in Paris.
  • Volume 1: Title: HISTORY | OF | BRITISH BIRDS. | THE FIGURES ENGRAVED ON WOOD BY T. BEWICK. | VOL. I. | CONTAINING THE | HISTORY AND DESCRIPTION OF LAND BIRDS. | [Vignette] | NEWCASTLE: | PRINTED BY SOL. HODGSON, FOR BEILBY & BEWICK : SOLD BY THEM, | AND G. G. & J. ROBINSON, LONDON. | [Price 10s 6d. in Boards] | 1797|| Pagination: [2 blanks], [i, ii] – t.p. / blank, [iii] iv-xxx, [2] – f.t. / blank, [1] 2-335 [336 advert.] [2 blanks]; vignettes on t.p.'s; head- and tail-pieces; publisher's advertisement on final p. of v. 1. Collation: demi 8vo; a-b8, B-Y8; no sigs. A, p. 279 numbered correctly. Woodcuts: 140 descriptions of birds, 117 figures of birds, 91 vignettes, tail-pieces, etc. 1,000 copies printed. Variant B with a vignette at p. 22 printed vertically. Vignette at p. 285 without bars. Volume 2: Title: HISTORY | OF | BRITISH BIRDS. | THE FIGURES ENGRAVED ON WOOD BY T. BEWICK. | VOL. I. | CONTAINING THE | HISTORY AND DESCRIPTION OF WATER BIRDS. | [Vignette] | NEWCASTLE: | PRINTED BY EDWARD WALKER, FOR T. BEWICK : SOLD BY HIM, AND | LONGMAN AND REES, LONDON. | [Price 12s in Boards] | 1804|| Pagination: [2 blanks], [i, ii] – t.p. / blank; [iii] iv-xx, [1] 2-400, [2 blanks]. Collation: Demy 8vo in fours; a2 b-c4, A-3D4; E2, P2, Cc2 insigned. Woodcuts: 144 descriptions of birds, 101 figures of birds, 136 vignettes, tail-pieces, etc. Variant C:  Vignette on p. 136 in 1st state, vignettes on pp. 269 and 359 in 2nd state. Binding: speckled full brown calf (restored), contemporary boards ruled in gilt, later spine with raised bands, gilt lettering and florets in compartments, marbled endpapers; 261 woodcut illustrations; printed on wove paper. In both volumes: armorial bookplate of "Clark, Knedlington, Yorks." with the motto "The time will come" on the front pastedown. Size: 21.5 x 14 cm, page: 20.6 x 12.6 cm, demi 8vo. Catalogue raisonné: Hugo (1866): № (99) 94 –120 (108) / pp. 40-58; Roscoe (1953): № 14 a-d, 17 a-d / pp. 46-52 and 65-76. See later edition in this collection: LIB-0860.2015.
  • LA PUCELLE | D'ORLÉANS, | POËME HÉROÏ-COMIQUE, | EN DIX-HUIT CHANTS. |{vignette}| A GENEVE. | M. DCC.LXXXVIII.|| Pagination: engraved frontis., engraved portrait, [1, 2] – t.p. / blank, [3] 4-304; plates: engraved frontispiece, engraved portrait of Jeanne d'Arc and 18 engraved plates (the so-called 'suite anglaise' by Marillier, Clément-Pierre (French, 1740 – 1808) after Duflos, Pierre (French, 1742 – 1816). Publisher: Cazin, Hubert-Martin (French, 1724 – 1795). Modern binding to imitate full mottled calf of the 18th century, gilt double-ruled boards, gilt decorated spine with the crimson label “LA PUCELLE”, AEG, laid paper. Size: 13.3 x 8.7 cm; 18mo. Catalogue raisonné: Cohen, De Ricci 1032 (for 1777 and 1780 editions). J. Lewine p.559 (for 1777 16mo and even 12mo editions). The 'correct' 1st thus edition is called suite anglaise because instead of 'chant number' it's printed 'book number' on top of the pages. This copy is definitely a later pirated edition.
  • Title-page in black and red: LE | SOPHA, | CONTE MORAL.NOUVELLE EDITION. | PREMIERE PARTIE. | {vignette} | A PEKIN, | Chez l'imprimeur de l'Empereur, | 1749. || Pagination: Two volumes in one. [2] – blanks, [2] – blank / frontis., [i, ii] – t.p. / blank, [iii] iv-xxi [xxii] ; [1] 2-253, [254-256] – table / blank, [2] – blanks; [i, ii] f.t. (seconde partie). [iii] 4-237 [238-240] – table / blank, [2] – blanks ; ills. 1 frontispiece, 4 plates and 2 vignettes by Pelletier after Clavereau, 2 fleurons by Fessard after Cochin. Collation: 12mo; a12, A8B4–T8V4, X8 [*1]; A8B4–T8V4. Binding: Full mottled calf, flat spine, compartments double-ruled in gilt, gilt flowers and foliage in compartments, crimson title label; marbled endpapers. Printed on laid paper, watermarked. Size: 14.8 x 8.8 cm Catalogue raisonné: Cohen, de Ricci (266); J. Lewine (124-5).
  • Title: TYPOGRAPHIA : | A BRIEF SKETCH OF THE | ORIGIN, RISE, AND PROGRESS | OF THE | TYPOGRAPHIC ART; | WITH | PRACTICAL DIRECTIONS FOR CONDUCTING | EVERY DEPARTMENT IN AN OFFICE. | BY THOMAS F. ADAMS, TYPOGRAPHER. | {vignette} | PHILADELPHIA: | PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY THE COMPILER, | N. W. CORNER OF THIRD AND CHESNUT STS. | 1837. || Pagination: Engraved frontispiece w/guard, t.p. / blank, [1-3] 4-372 [8], incl. Index and Directions to binder. Collation: 12mo; 1-31(6). Binding: contemporary full brown speckled calf, flat spine bands with gilt double-fillets, dark brown lettering label. Note: Plagiarism of John Johnson's (British, 1777 – 1848) book Typographia, or, The printers' instructor published in London by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green in 1824. .
  • A two-volume set. Vol. 1:

    Title: LA | GERUSALEMME | LIBERATA | DI | TORQUATO TASSO | Tomo Primo | {vignette} | IN PARIGI | M.DCC.LXXI | Appreßo { Agostino Delalain. | Pietro Durand. | Gio: Claudio Molini. | Droüet ∫crip.

    Pagination: ffl [1] 2-331 [332] bfl; illustrations after Gravelot: frontis. by Henriquez, t.p. vignette by Patas, engraved dedication by Le Roy, 10 head- and 7 tailpieces by Le Roy, 5 full-page vignettes by Le Roy, and 10 plates by: Baquoy, Duclos (3), Le Roy, Lingée, Née, Rousseau, and Simonet (2).

    Collation: 8vo; A-V8 X6.

    Vol. 2:  Title: LA | GERUSALEMME | LIBERATA | DI | TORQUATO TASSO | Tomo Secondo | {vignette} | IN PARIGI | M.DCC.LXXI | Appreßo { Agostino Delalain. | Pietro Durand. | Gio: Claudio Molini. | Droüet ∫crip. Pagination: ffl [1] 2-340 bfl; illustrations after Gravelot: frontis. by Henriquez, t.p. vignette by Mesnil, 10 head- and 6 tailpieces by Le Roy, 4 full-page vignettes by Le Roy, tailpiece by Ponce, and 10 plates by: Duclos, Henriquez, Leveau, Lingée, Massard, Née, Patas, Ponce, Rousseau, and Simonet. Collation: 8vo; A-X8 Y2. Size: 21.5 x 14.5 cm. Size of the copy sold at Sotheby's in 2015: 23.3 x 14.0 cm; Christie's in 2008: 23.2 x 14.4 cm Page size: 21 x 13.5 cm. In referenced sources, the page size is bigger than that. N. Ray gives 11 ½  x 8 7  inches or 9 x 5½ inches. Cohen and De Ricci do not bother to give sizes, considering that octavo is octavo. MFA: 30.3 x 23.1 x 4 cm (11 15/16 x 9 1/8 x 1 9/16 in.) Binding: Two volumes uniformly bound in full marbled calf, ruled in gilt, flat spine with gilt decorations and monogram, cream lettered label. Geoffrey Lord Cross of Chelsea [Geoffrey Cross, Baron Cross of Chelsea] (British, 1904 – 1989) bookplate to front pastedown. Catalogue raisonné: N. Ray №22, p. 48; Cohen De Ricci 974-975 According to MFA printing by: François-Augustin Quillau (French, 1743–1804). This edition was illustrated by Hubert François Gravelot (French, 1699–1773) and engraved by the following engravers: Jean Charles Baquoy (French, 1721–1777) Antoine Jean Duclos (French, 1742–1795) Benoît Louis Henriquez (French, 1732–1806) Jean Jacques André Le Veau (French, 1729–1785) Charles Louis Lingée (French, 1748–1819) Jacques Le Roy (French, born in 1739) Jean Massard (1740–1822) Elie du Mesnil (French, born about 1728) François Denis Née (French, 1735–1818) Charles Emmanuel Jean Baptiste Patas (French, 1744–1802) Nicholas Ponce (French, 1746–1831) Jean François Rousseau (French, born in 1740) Jean Baptiste Simonet (French, 1742–1813) Droüet (French, 18th century)
  • Vol. 1: THE | WORKS | OF THE | RIGHT HONOURABLE | EDMUND BURKE, | COLLECTED IN THREE VOLUMES. | VOL. I. | DUBLIN: | PRINTED FOR R. CROSS, W. WILSON, P. WO-| GAN, L. WHITE, P. BYRNE, A. GRUEBER, J. MOORE, | W. JONES, W. M’KENZIE, H. WATTS, J. RICE, | AND G. FOLINGSBY. | 1792.|| Pagination: 2 blank leaves, [2] - t.p. /blank, [2] - contents / blank, [2] - f.t. / blank, [3] 4-61 [62] - blank, [2] - f.t / blank, [4] contents, 65-580, 1 blank leaf. Collation: 8vo; π2 B-Z8 Aa-Oo8 Pp4. Vol. 2: THE | WORKS | OF THE | RIGHT HONOURABLE | EDMUND BURKE, | COLLECTED IN THREE VOLUMES. | VOL. II. | DUBLIN: | Printed by William Porter, | For R. Cross, W. Wilson, P. Wogan, L. White, P. Byrne, W. M’kenzie, J. Moore, A. Grueber, W. Jones, H. Watts, J. Rice, And G. Folingsby. | M.DCC.XCIII.|| Pagination: 2 blank leaves, [2] - t.p. /blank, [2] - contents / cont., [2] - f.t. / blank, [3] 4-655 [656 blank], 2 blank leaves. Collation: 8vo; π2 B-Z8 Aa-Tt8. Vol. 3: THE | WORKS | OF THE | RIGHT HONOURABLE | EDMUND BURKE, | COLLECTED IN THREE VOLUMES. | VOL. III. | DUBLIN: | PRINTED FOR R. CROSS, W. WILSON, P. WO-| GAN, L. WHITE, P. BYRNE, A. GRUEBER, J. MOORE, | W. JONES, W. M’KENZIE, H. WATTS, J. RICE, | AND G. FOLINGSBY. | 1792.|| Pagination: 2 blank leaves, [2] - t.p. /blank, [2] - contents / blank, [2] - f.t. / blank, 3-602, 3 blank leaves. Collation: 8vo; A-Z8 Aa-Pp8. Binding: Full contemporary calf ruled in gilt, leather spine labels gilt, gilt scrollwork in compartments framed in Greek–key rolls, marbled endpapers, hinges cracked, central vertical split to spine panel to vol. 1 and 3, early ownership signature to titles.
  • Vol. 1: THE | POEMS | OF | OSSIAN. | TRANSLATED | By JAMES MACPHERSON, Esq; | IN TWO VOLUMES. VOL. I. | A NEW EDITION. | LONDON: | PRINTED FOR W. STRAHAN ; AND T. CADELL, | IN THE STRAND. | M DCC XC.|| Pagination: 2 blank leaves, [2] - t.p. / blank, [v] vi-xiv, [2] - contents / cont., [1, 2] 3-404, one blank leaf. Collation: 8vo; π1 A-Z8 Aa-Cc8 Dd2 Vol. 2: THE | POEMS | OF | OSSIAN. | TRANSLATED | By JAMES MACPHERSON, Esq; |  VOL. II. | A NEW EDITION. | LONDON: | PRINTED FOR W. STRAHAN ; AND T. CADELL, | IN THE STRAND. |M DCC XC.|| Pagination: 2 blank leaves, [2] - t.p. / blank, [2] - contents / blank, [1, 2] 3-436, [2] advert. / advert., two blank leaves. Collation: 8vo; π4 B-Z8 Aa-Ee8 Ff2 A1. Two volumes, 21.5 x 14 cm; hardcover; full tree calf gilt-tooled with stylized meander ruled boards inside and outside, flat spite tooled in gilt with meander and pineapples in compartments, two crimson lettered labels. margins speckled blue; peacock marbled endpapers, owner's karks to front pastedown: Owen J. Williams sticker and H. A. Lonis armorial bookplate with an earl's crown, hand-written inscription H. A. and H. C.  Williams Wynn and ink stamp of Arthur J. Frank. James Macpherson (British, 1736–1796) was a Scottish writer, poet, literary collector and politician, known as the "translator" of the Ossian cycle of epic poems. Publishing Year: 1790 Publisher: W. Strahan and T. Cadell